Our Philosophy

The objective of professional ethics is to increase professionalism.  An increase in professionalism means that the levels of safety, efficiency and fairness rise, especially at workplaces.  This involves collaboration and sharing with solutions to conflicts at work.  

Working efficiently requires a strong work-life balance.  We encourage workers who fulfill their duties of their job descriptions to work toward the following goals:

  • Leave your work on time habitually. Your family and friends are more important than this never-ending process called “work.”  This requires you to work diligently and to finish your tasks.  If it’s not possible, then focus on an exit strategy.
Shift your focus.
  • Identify and end unfairness at work. Do not tolerate insults, unwanted advances, violations of your mutual agreements (e.g., employment contracts), co-workers stealing the recognition for your work, and unprofessional behaviors from your co-workers in your presence.
Find and take your fair share.
  • Give your life meaning by socializing and entertaining others, exercising and relaxing with entertainment.  To lead an active life, there is a dependency on nutrition and exercise.  Physical and mental healthiness and well-being are far more important to you and to us, to your friends and family, your neighbors and community than loyalty to any firm.

  • Obedience is not a virtue.  Pave your own path professionally.  This is especially relevant in the corporate world.  You never know when your company is going to stop needing or wanting you.  You also do not entirely know the motivations of others.  So, you should not solely base your purposeful actions on the wants and needs of colleagues.  Ethical Conflict Consultants have your particular wants and needs in mind and tailor strategies to fit your situation at work for increasing your chances of success.
Don’t be overly obedient.
  • Using humor, smiling, and laughing WITH co-workers is contagious, relieves stress, and builds stronger relationships. Watch some comedy, and connect with people with it.  It is possible to find humor in some of the actions of your most horrid colleagues, even if it takes years to realize.
Smile and laugh more. Play more, and, if need be, relearn how to be playful, like a child.