Our Providers at Ethical Conflict Consulting (ECC) offer courses in work-related issues, such as professional ethics, conflict management, strategies for success, and for optimizing the work-life balance.

ECC is an educational foundation, a course vendor for professionals, and a nonprofit organization.  Our revenue sharing plan is generous (approximately 30% of course revenue) to encourage licensed and experienced professionals and educators to become ECC course providers or instructors.  As an online ECC course provider, you are treated as an independent consultant.  This enables you to establish your own lifelong consulting business.  Working with ECC allows you contribute some knowledge you have attained over the years for the benefit of all professionals in specific industries or multiple industries.

Simultaneously, you aid your fellow professionals in their continuing education needs in cost-effective and flexible ways.  As our course provider, you can use our courses at a special discounted rate.  As long as your topics are of educational value to professionals (workers in any industry), you are invited to become an Ethical Conflict Consulting course provider.  You can compose original lecture notes or use technical resources already accessible online.  Our goal is to establish online courses on a variety of technical, management, legal, psychological and ethical issues in every sector of the economy and each industry.  ECC is relying on voluntary contributions of course providers to increase versatility and higher quality online courses.

ECC courses are unlike traditional technical articles in magazines and journals with limited circulations.  Your courses can be updated to demonstrate recent advances in technology.  They will remain online for use by communities of professionals.  Moreover, your online courses will reach professionals around the world with 24 hours and 7 days a week of access.  Once your course is completed, it will continue to offer education each year and allow for you to benefit from each additional student who purchases your courses.  Indeed, we are offering you a form of sustainable teaching, some marketing on our website for your courses, and a home for your profile as a professional in your industry.

No other publishing form is as easily updated as your online courses.  We only accept electronic copies of course materials.  For details on how to prepare ECC course materials, contact ECC at  When your course materials are accepted by ECC for publication, we shall send a letter of acceptance and a contract between you and our nonprofit organization.  Your courses will then be published on ECC websites.  You will earn revenue and recognition every time there is a purchase.  ECC cares for all the administration, course publishing, marketing, advertising, and promotions.  You will not be charged for these services.

Show your interest by becoming an Ethical Conflict Consulting course provider.  Email us your resume, a short biography of at least one paragraph, your contact information, including your mailing address and phone number, and provide us with a list of potential course topics for consideration.  For more information, please contact:

6547 N Academy Boulevard #1048

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

+1 (719) 247 3518