Know the impact you make at your workplace. Alter your behaviors to increase your practices leading to higher levels of safety, efficiency and fairness. Implement strategies for further success at work.

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Ethical Conflict Consultants use professional ethics and conflict management strategies to aid you at your workplace. Our services are confidential. (Vea nuestro menú para opciones en español.)

Fortunately, we know that you are not the only one who has undergone experiences at work that none of us wish to even observe. Work-related interactions can lead to feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. Unprofessional co-workers, managers and even customers, clients and owners maybe taking advantage of you in the workplace. We educate people on leading their ways in and out of the workplace professionally in work environments with excessive competitiveness. We accomplish this by applying professional ethics to workplaces, specifically to increase levels of safety, efficiency and fairness. Work can be a constant compromise between your morals and your desire to fulfill the duties of your position. It requires much time and energy to deal with other employees, owners and supervisors and their lack of ethics. Leading authoritatively (with one-way communication, no feedback) and leading democratically are necessary at times. Fortunately, we know that such leadership tends to create problems when workplace situations change and the leadership styles remain the same. At ECC, we seek professionals who are knowledgeable of crises, conflicts and successful strategies for solutions and overall success at work. We share this knowledge with the public, with the international community. Opportunely, we have had success in dealing with unprofessional co-workers and managers. Let us share and collaborate with you for the purpose of gaining favorable termination agreements or promotions, and drafting professional letters of grievances that are needed to defend your position of power or just to keep for yourself to relieve your stress with well-strategized plans. With ECC, we are passionate about assisting you in your search for knowledge about your workplaces so that you learn what your impact at work is, you become more professional and thereby reduce your risks. Our guiding principles are to improve the frequency and intensity of safety, efficiency and fairness at workplaces in Colorado, the United States of America and worldwide.

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Linguistic Analysis & Conflict Management

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Professional Ethics & Conflict Management

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