Our Clientele & Services


Our Clientele:

  1. Corporate workers
  2. Workers for small businesses
  3. Public sector workers
  4. Primary Sector Workers: miners, loggers, farmers, and fishers who have employment contracts and coworkers.
  5. Secondary Sector Workers: Workers in construction, manufacturing in the food, automotive, packaging, appliances, and heavy machinery industries with employment contracts and coworkers, managers, and bosses (e.g., engineers, factory workers etc.).
  6. Tertiary Sector Workers: Workers in any types of service industries for any type of organization (e.g., medical doctors, lawyers, distributors, financial service workers, customer service representatives, restaurant and hospitality workers, entertainers, professional athletes, soldiers, teachers, teachers in the ESL industry).


Our Services:

As a nonprofit organization, ECC will guide you with well-reasoned strategies tailored to suit your personal moral standards in ways that demand fair treatment, professional ethics and combat work-related conflict as well as personality conflicts.  ECC maintains an international focus and applies professional ethics accordingly.


We offer Business-Applied Ethics Training Services during weekend retreats for between ten to one hundred employees.  Our training services are designed to maximize efficiency at work via reducing interdepartmental and corporate politics and maladaptive behaviors and increasing comradery among co-workers.